Session 6

Africa/Europe: What next? Planning for action across UMI Fund Program Areas

2 December 2021 - 11:00 - 14:00 UTC

Session Overview

Our final day will feature parallel discussions run simultaneously and repeated for each timezone. We will explore some critical strategic questions and identify priorities and areas for action in 2022 across our 3 UMI Fund programme funding areas: mobility/transport, fair transition and the global youth movement.

You can expect to join collagues working on similar challenges and strategies to grapple granular and challenging strategic issues in self-selected groups.

Our hope is that we can develop some collective plans for shared action or guidance for UMI Fund on the chosen key topics within these thematic areas.

More details about the specifics with each programme area will follow after registration has started to give us a picture of participation levels and closer to the event itself.

Session Hosts

Damon Evans


Angus has over a decade of experience facilitating meetings for non-profit organisations. The participants of these meetings consist mostly of an international audience. He has a warm creative approach while keeping a focus on inclusivity and tangible results. Since the onset of the Corona virus pandemic he has become particularly interested in making on-line meetings as human as possible. He currently lives in the North East of England.